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Hi, my name is David Griffiths.  I have worked as an employee, director, owner and investor in businesses in many countries around the world, including the USA, Europe and the Far East.

I have been a resident of 4 different countries, been a company director in the transport, manufacturing, service and gaming industries in 5 different regions and, over the course of nearly 40 years, have learnt a life-time full of lessons that I would love to pass on to you. 

My first degree is in business administration and my expertise lies in the fields of strategy, negotiation and technology.  

I now live in Jersey in the UK Channel Islands and travel regularly to London, the USA and the Caribbean for clients. I would love to learn more about your business and discuss whether I can help you along in any way. You are an expert in what you do and I will never try to better that, but in terms of product strategy, expansion, merger or acquisition I may have a new view for you to see or just offer the perspective which is so difficult to find when you are immersed in your business day to day.

I work alongside my brother, Richard, who has advises companies on fundraising and preparation for IPOs on several different stock markets and jurisdictions and with colleagues who specialise in finance, law, marketing, SEO, branding and design. 


W5H is a group of managers and entrepreneurs with many years of experience in setting up, running and ultimately selling or floating our own businesses as well as working with and for many well-known multi-nationals. We now see our mission as passing on some of our experience to people like you.

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