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Over the course of our working careers we have seen software and computer systems move from an interesting niche into a technology we all use a dozen times before we get into the office each day.

Whether we like it or not our businesses depend on good systems well maintained. The knowledge and effort needed to keep them that way becomes more widespread and intuitive each year that goes by, but sometimes you need a piece of specialist software to achieve what your business needs.

We are probably not the best or the cleverest coders in the world, but our experience in building systems to solve real-world problems combined with our history of running businesses on all levels in many different industries gives us what we see as our ‘edge’ – the ability to build systems that work, not just technically but practically as well.


A solid presence online is now a basic requirement of any retail business. Easy navigation, attractive presentation and a smooth user journey can increase client pick-up, retention and conversion.

We will never know as much about your business as you do but understanding and getting your message across is our forte.

News Sites

Harking back to our roots (W5H is shorthand for Who What, Why, When, Where and How – the six rules of journalism), presenting a lot of information in a simple and attractive way makes the reader…read more.

Tie that into the absolute necessity for good SEO and site analytics and you have a solid news platform.

Specialist Software

Sometimes there is no industry platform that will do the job and you need to start from scratch. Using the best available tools we can discuss and then analyse the project, design wireframes and sign off specifications, write the code and launch the finished site.

This Fantasy Motorsport game built for the 2021 season is the first to allow players to predict not only Formula 1 but all four major Grand Prix classes in the same game. 


Our latest project is CommUNITIZE, a communitiy management platform which brings together all the tools needed to run a community in one place. As the whole pckage was written in-house we are currently developing several bespoke modules for clients with specific needs like training schedules, subscription management and league tables.


W5H is a group of managers and entrepreneurs with many years of experience in setting up, running and ultimately selling or floating our own businesses as well as working with and for many well-known multi-nationals. We now see our mission as passing on some of our experience to people like you.

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