Corporate Finance


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a company in the process of expansion need a good line of finance. Indeed, many fast-growing companies have failed simply by over-stretching themselves in this crucial phase when customers want their services but banks aren’t yet ready to support them.

Again, different types of finance work best at different stages of a companies lifecycle, flexibility can help with the unknowns of expansion or change where consistency and track record can open up very cost-effective money once we have a history of success.

Trying to decide whether we want to borrow or sell equity is a huge decision - again, harder in the early years when the money would be the most useful but easier if we are looking to cash out of a business or bring in new equity partners. 

Strategic decision-making is key - and knowing all of the options makes the best decisions possible.  Over the last thirty years we have helped over 25 companies float on various stock markets around the world as well as raising private equity or venture funding for many more.

We are not lawyers or accountants (though several of our off-spring are!) but knowing the right questions to ask and listening to someone who’s been there and done that can make any professional consultation much more effective.

Talk is cheap but ignorance can cost a fortune..